Thursday, 4 December 2014

Who is America's Trusted Source for Gold Investment?

There is no shortage of reasons to consider gold as an investment these days. Not only is our national debt growing, but so is the amount of money printing and inflation. Gold is one of the most popular ways to stabilize one’s wealth during high-inflationary periods. Having said this, the next incredibly important question becomes, where to buy your gold. Who does America trust when it comes to gold investing?

 Who Is The Most Trusted Source?

The Certified Gold Exchange is known as “America’s Trusted Source For Gold.” We have a highly skilled team of gold and silver investing advisers standing by to help answer all your questions. Of course, being featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, and The Street certainly shows the level of service offered to all our clients.

Non-commissioned account representatives are also here to help you at all times. In other words, you are never going to be pressured into a particular sale or forced to make a fast decision. Instead, every investment opportunity is filtered through the lens of whether it meets your goals and objectives; whether it is right for you.

What Is The Certified Gold Exchange?

The Certified GoldExchange is one of the longest operating physical delivery precious metals dealers in North America. This includes helping you successfully invest in all types of precious metals, such as American Eagles, bullion bars, PCGS and NGC certified gold coins, and even getting involved in gold IRA investing.

Our goal is to be your trusted adviser and partner, not simply another resource. This is one reason why we don't believe in discretionary or managed accounts. You will always have full control over your account and we strive to make our clients the most informed precious metals investors in the market.

When Did The Certified Gold Exchange Open?

Being in business since 1992, the Certified Gold Exchange has the experience you need to confidently become involved in the precious metals market. This experience has involved being a dealer to institutions, along with offering discounted metals to the public. Knowing the business from both sides is another added benefit, since we are able to give strong advice regarding the precious metals markets from both an institutional and advisory perspective.

This extensive precious metals experience is also exemplified by an in-house economic research team. An incredible resource for all customers, they have a strong reputation for accurate analysis of the current events along with forecasting that is second to none. More than this, another one of our goals is to help educate you regarding precious metals. Our newsletters, publications, and website have lots of materials to help you learn as much as you care to know about physical gold and silver investing.

Where Is The Certified Gold Exchange Located?

The main headquarters of the Certified Gold Exchange is in Fort Worth, Texas. However, we make it incredibly easy for clients and customers to interact with us through a number of additional depositories, locations, offices, and fulfillment centers throughout the country. This includes:

Dallas, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Wichita, KS
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY
Wilmington, DE

*Please note the Wilmington, DE location is the storage facility for those transferring precious metals into an IRA account.

Why Is The Certified Gold Exchange America's Trusted Source For Gold?

As “America’s Trusted Source For Gold,” you would expect the reputation of the Certified Gold Exchange to be beyond reproach...and it is. Having been in business since 1992, we invite all prospective clients to check out our A+ rating and zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau. You will also note a five star Amazon Alexa rating and literally dozens of glowing five star positive reviews on sites such as Google, TrustLink, BBB, and many others.

Additionally, our PriceMatchPlus feature is something no one else can duplicate. This is an incredible way you can ensure never overpaying for precious metals again. In fact, we guarantee to beat any reputable dealer's quote for identical certified coin products or we will match the lower price and give you an additional one percent discount.

Final Word:
If you are looking for a reputable gold and precious metals dealer, then look no further than the Certified Gold Exchange. Not only has our company been in business for more than 22 years, we also have assembled one of the best teams of advisers and professionals in the precious metals market. A strong, trusted reputation and excellent customer service, along with a unique pricing guarantee, shows that we not only want your business, we are out to earn your trust. Give us a call at 1-800-300-0715 today to discuss how we can be of service. Visit our website:

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