Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How Popular Gold & Silver Products Can Protect You | Fort Greene-Clinton Hill, NY Patch

Buying gold and silver is not a popularity contest. In fact, many investors choose to keep the fact that they hold physical precious metals a secret from almost everyone. However, popularity does play a very important role in precious metals investing.

How Popular Gold & Silver Products Can Protect You | Fort Greene-Clinton Hill, NY Patch

Thursday, 15 January 2015

How the Certified Gold Exchange Coin Catalog Helps You

One of the best resources to help you with the purchase of gold and silver coins is the Certified Gold Exchange coin catalog. This is an online publication which lists all of our coins and special offers, making the decision of which coin(s) to buy much easier. Another great feature of this coin catalog is that it is very transparent; you will even be able to see exactly the price paid, usually quoted in terms of spot plus x dollars.

Easy Navigation

Since this is a digital coin catalog, it is updated constantly. Plus, it is easy to move about throughout the Certified Gold Exchange coin catalog.

The left side of the page has a list of each item. It also includes a brief description. For example, you might see the description, 'British Sovereign Gold Coin.' Clicking on this link will then bring up a very quick summary of the coin including its weight, purity, and brief mintage facts.

This is also a great way to learn about new or unfamiliar coins and become a more educated investor.

Clear Pictures

Every coin featured in the Certified Gold Exchange coin catalog will also include some of clearest pictures available online. You will be able to see both sides of every coin listed in order to get a good feel if this is the right type of investment for you and to imagine how it might look and feel in your hands. 

In addition to the crystal clear photos, we have included the available weights, sizes and dates for the precious metals coins we offer. This allows you to strategize further and diversify your coin collection, if you so choose.

Special Offers

The Certified Gold Exchange Coin Catalog not only lists pictures and descriptions of each of the coins we have in our vaults; it also features a “Special Offers” page which allows household and institutional investors to view the live buy and sell prices for a variety of Certified Gold Exchange products. If you see something that catches your eye, just call one of our senior precious metals advisers at (800) 300-0715 and mention our Special Offers page.

Bottom Line

If you already have a good idea of the type(s) of coin you want, our gold and silver coin catalog is a great place to start your association with us. Not only will you find exactly what you want, from a broad range of gold and silver coin options, but it will be securely shipped to you quickly. Items are shipped in plain boxes that will not attract attention, and delivery is free. So, take a look at the Certified Gold Exchange Coin Catalog today, and then give us a call at (800) 300-0715 to see how we can help.